The Bichon Frise Rescue of Northern NJ is an organization that rescues Bichons, both purebred and mixes, who are given up due to hardship, death of the owner or in the worst cases, abandoned or found as strays. Our rescue is a NO KILL Rescue and we pride ourselves on finding loving homes or fosters for every dog we take in.

Sucsess Stories

web-cassieCassie is a 13 year old girl that had to be surrendered as her owner was moving to a senior facility that did not allow him to take her with him. She is now being spoiled and loved by a wonderful adopter that takes our senoir and special needs dogs. Cassie takes lots of walks around thier large CT property with her new mommy and her new Pal Lady Vi and also had another senior pal Belle. They are all a new happy family and Cassie has a wonderful place to spend the rest of her senior years.


web-merlinMerlin (Center) is a 5 year old boy that was a backyard breeder rescue. He started off very timid, but once he met his new family and their previously adopted dog (his new puppy pal) He perked right up and became the lead, playing and cuddling with her. They are an inseperable team now and the family is happy to add another member to their wonderful family.

web-suggerSugar & Fluffy are a mother and daughter bonded pair that were surrendered because their elderly owner passed away. They were cared for by one of our wonderful fosters for several weeks which allowed us to find them a home together! That perfect home is with a loving family (mom, dad and 2 boys) that give them lots of love, attention and playtime! We are so happy that we were able to stay together and find a forever home to live the rest of their senior years!

web-kodyKody (on right) was found on the streets of Newark, NJ. Fending for himself on the cold streets in winter, dodging cars and starving, a kind student took him in, vetted him, with all intentions of keeping him. Unfortunately, his landlord was not agreeable to dogs and he contacted BFRNNJ to foster and find Kody a home. The harsh start in life did not damage Kody's sweet soul and the Anderson family adopted him. he spends his days with his bichon brother, Wally, and a day does not pass where he doesn't make the family laugh.